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(6 oz.) 'Premier' Lump Crab Cakes (Made by hand with pride using 100% USA Crab Meat) - [flash-frozen]

  • Cakes Are Made Fresh By Hand And Flash Frozen To Ensure Safe Shipment 

Authentic Maryland Crab Cakes create dinner masterpieces!

Receiving Blue Ribbons and “Voted Best Maryland Crab Cakes 2017-2018,” Maryland Blue Crab Express knows you take pride in Chesapeake Bay favorites. Keeping to the traditional recipe of jumbo lump crab meat and homemade mayonnaise, spices, egg and crushed crackers, our crab cakes taste delicious! No secrets here. We use locally picked jumbo crabs from the Chesapeake and hand-pack the cakes in Crisfield, MD. Serve up an entrée or tasty side; we have 1 oz. to 8 oz. cakes. We celebrate your cooking skills and gift you a chef hat filled with savings. 

Cooking tips from our chef.

Experiment with the succulent taste. Some choose baking; others like broiling. Today, we suggest pan-searing. Reach a golden-brown crispy exterior with a moist salty-sweet interior. Drizzle extra-virgin olive oil in your cast iron pan. Place your authentic cakes in the oil and dust with extra Old Bay if you like your crab meat a bit more peppery. Sizzle at medium heat for 5 minutes. Carefully flip the cakes over to avoid breaking them apart. Nobody likes scrambled crab cakes. Scrambled eggs and crab meat; well, that’s another recipe that suddenly sounds amazing, but back to the crab cakes. Allow the cakes to sizzle for another 5 minutes and possibly brush some oil from the pan on the cake to ensure an even golden-brown transformation. Promptly remove the cakes to a paper towel so that excess oil soaks out. Serve to your liking: on a Kaiser roll, positioned on a salad or boldly nestled next to curly fries. Bon Appetit!

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