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(4 oz.) 'Premier' Lump Crab Cakes (Made by hand using 100% USA Crab Meat)- [FROZEN]

  • Cakes Are Made Fresh By Hand And Flash Frozen To Ensure Safe Shipment 

Christmas Crab Cakes

How to Serve & Which Size Cake?

Today’s Crab Cake Pride takes us to a party’s start. “Pass the lump crab balls around,” your culinary genius may say. After popping 1 or 2 for yourself, you indeed hand off the silver platter to the next guest. You may hear, “I love the traditional recipe with 75% lump meat with egg, mayonnaise, spices and crushed cracker mix…. Just what you need to hold the cake together. No more. No less.” Probably the only notable surprise for these cakes is that most opt to eat them without any sauce. The pan searing to a golden brown captured the juices from the olive oil and dusting from the Old Bay. The outer shell complemented the salty-sweet buttery pop of the crab ball. A few party goers take an appetizer ball and dip it in remoulade, tartar, or even cocktail sauce. The sophisticated crew squeeze a lemon to give it a zest. It’s all for show since they normally exclaim, “The sauce takes away from the taste. No need to cover up that delicious crab!”

Each delicious cake receives the utmost care for freshness and a flash-freezing to ensure it stays that way. A quick freeze keeps the texture and taste for the baking, sautéing, or even deep frying. Chefs and home cooks attest that the firmness in the frozen cakes keep them together. Nobody wants a crumbly cake. Accolades go out for a tender, moist salty-sweet cake!

Our express team suggests….

1 oz. cakes ~ Serve as an appetizer, accompanied with ramekins filled with remoulade and two slices of lemon. Healthy enthusiasts may opt for 4 or 5 crab balls, nestled on a farm house salad.

3-4-5 oz. cakes ~ Open a soft bread bun and lay crisp lettuce and ripe tomatoes and then place the cake neatly on top. Find a basket and load it up with fries. Did someone say coleslaw. Absolutely!

6 oz. cakes ~ A true winner. It’s dinner time with this masterpiece. Consider a baked potato, buttered beans and declare yourself a true chef!

8 oz. cakes ~ Stand in amazement over our Biggest Baddest (in a good way) Cake! Bring your appetite for this huge cake. Consider a fruit salad and Caesar salad with cornbread for this entrée size cake. Lighter sides will ensure each delicious morsel receives full attention!



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