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(4 oz) 'Premier' Lump Crab Cakes (Made in Maryland with pride using 100% U.S.A Crab Meat)- [FROZEN]

  • Cakes Are Made Fresh By Hand And Flash Frozen To Ensure Safe Shipment 

Have you grabbed a crab today?

Which do you prefer?  A tender, golden-brown crab cake or a spiced blue crab?  Eating crab cakes keeps the hands clean and the pallet tasty.  Our traditional 100% jumbo lump cakes adorn a plate with an entrée for easy, rich eating.  Pan-seared or broiled, crab cakes more than satisfy the salty-sweet crab taste with little mess.  All you need to do is prepare yourself for a succulent delicious meal.  Others may like to get down and dirty with the crab.  Grab a mallet to crack claws. Use your hands to break open the shells and pick meat with a seafood fork.  Nothing gets messier, but the juicy meat truly satisfies.  Nothing fresher than tearing into blue crabs yourself.  Chefs agree; this cuisine keeps everyone happy.  Maybe you want to combine the two and celebrate crab feast picking and fine-dining eating.  Once you know what game you’re playing and come prepared with your appetite, you’ll decide a day you grab a crab marks a truly successful one!

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(In search of the biggest and best Maryland crab cakes? Hands down, we guarantee to have the freshest, biggest and best crab cake in the industry. For 3 generations we have been making our crab cakes by hand with a secret family recipe. Our cake are made with the finest lump, and back fin crab meat. We use just enough bread crumb and egg to hold the cake together.)

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