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In Crabs, Size Matters!

No need to use fiction in crab sizing when using the Traditional Chesapeake Grading System. We use this scale to give you quality crabs. The posers call smalls “Standards,” mediums “Selects,” and larges “Premiums.” These terms associate with oysters and shellfish, but not Blue Crabs. The deception doesn’t stop there. The Chesapeake Bay Traditional Grading Scale™ designates a large as 6”-6 ½ “. The new “creative” sizing marks the large as 5 ½”-6 ¼”. Any crab feasting lover knows that this discrepancy is HUGE! Or should I say not so huge. Our crew takes pride in the exact system of baiting, potting and sizing crabs and know that respecting the Bay parallels to treating the customers right. Bottom line, you’ll pick and enjoy more jumbo, lump and claw meat with a crab measuring 6”-6 ½” point-to-point.

Behold, the true sizes!

Supers: 7+ inches
X-Large: 6 ½ -7 inches
Large: 6-6 ½ inches
Mediums: 5 ½ -6 inches
Small: 5-5 ½ inches

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